Monday, 2 August 2010

International Recruitment News.

Having a broad knowledge of the recruitment industry can also be used to impress potential clients, especially if you want to work in a human resources related role.

So what are the top recruitment stories right now? Take a look at the information below to find out.

Social Gaming will be used for graduate recruitment.
A new app by poweRBrands will be used to make potential marketers aware of their company. This innovative new application includes a virtual office where talented individuals can climb their way up the career ladder.

AVRec launches with new name.
The recruitment and payroll training provider has changed it's name to Talk Staff Recruitment.

Indian Police use football match for recruitment awareness.
The football match should make young people aware of jobs in the police force.

Your People Market implements American Recruitment Model
They have put together a new programme that gives employers the opportunity to hire high quality recruitment agencies to scout talent. Their structure uses a fair bidding system for employers.

Turkish employees working abroad starting to head home.
The global financial crisis has lead to many Turkish workers returning home.

Summer schools held in the UK aim to attract international students.
A new scheme has been put together by the High Court which will loosen regulations on visas for international students. Only individuals with a good level of English can apply.

Irish Travel website steps up it's recruitment.
The travel website will apparently create around 50 new job roles. However, most of these roles will be in the same area and will have a focus on IT and software.

UK digital companies expected to increase number of employees.
New research done by Aquent shows that two thirds of digital agencies have seen an increase in staff.

These are just a few stories from the international recruitment market, so if you need to find out more then you should do some research online. You can always get the latest stories and news if you look in the right places, Google news is certainly a good place to start. Or you could consider looking at some international recruitment websites.

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