Monday, 2 August 2010

Food Industry News.

New Chocolate Weetabix to be launched.
Industry experts expect this to be a winner, but what does this mean for children's health? The new Chocolate advert has been cleared by Ofcom and will be shown on children's television.

Ocado a no-go for investors.
Many people claim that the business has been overvalued and there are questions over whether it is a sustainable business.

More financial problems for Thornton's.
This well known chocolate brand is still under fire because their fourth-quarter update shows that sales are still slowing. Unfortunately this means that several people at the Thornton's head office will loose their jobs in a bid by the company to save money.

Factory in South Yorkshire may cut 200 jobs.
A Scotch egg and sandwich factory has been ruined by a fire. Most of the factory has been damaged, up to 80% in fact. This will certainly mean a holt in production and could result in many of the workers loosing their job.

Contact less payment trial going ahead.
The Co-op have decided to try a new innovative payment scheme that makes payment faster and easier. It means that customers can buy products up to £15 without even having to enter their card into a payment machine. This is certainly an interesting initiative and it will be good to see how effective it is.

First ever 'Chocolate bond' a huge success.
Hotel Chocolate have raised a grand total of £3.7 million by getting members of their chocolate tasting club to back a new form of fundraising. The real benefits of this scheme include at least 400 jobs being created and a new eco factory in St Lucia being built.

New non sticky gum could protect our pavements!
A company based in Flintshire has produced a new chewing gum that can simply be washed away with water. Food safety authorities in the US have approved the gum and they are waiting for approval from Europe.

These are only short stories with a small amount of detail. If you require more information you should visit a food industry website and search for the stories that you are interested in.

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