Monday, 2 August 2010

Engineering News From Dubai.

Even if you just want to relocate for a short period of time, there will be international engineering recruiters who can help you achieve your goal. There are various schemes that will allow you to work there for a contracted period of time.

Many employers will respect your decision to take on a new challenge and work on engineering projects abroad. It shows dedication to the subject and demonstrates your independence and desire to learn. If you do relocate to Dubai you will find that you will be working on completely new projects that you may never have got the opportunity to work on in the UK. You might even learn some unique skills that you can apply to future job roles.

Below are several news stories that help to demonstrate what it is like to work in Dubai in the Engineering sector. Each story will only have a brief overview so you will need to do some further research if you want to find out more.

High buildings still on the rise.
Syed Shamsulhaq has emphasised recently that 'Dubai is not dead. You have to be selective, but there are good projects still out there.' Shamsulhaq is currently the general manager of Al-Futtaim Engineering's elevator division.

New engineering base in Dubai opening soon.
Air India are opening a new engineering base in Dubai in a bid to facilitate the airline's service in the Gulf sector.

Dubai Government focuses on green issue.
It has been reported recently that the Dubai government is going to offer incentives to companies that apply with the 'Green Building Code.' This new project should be underway within the next two months and it should help to reduce damage to the local environment.

Dubai Municipality increases coastal monitoring scheme.
The aim is to put together a real-time coastal monitoring scheme which will hopefully contribute to the conservation of Dubai's coastal areas.
New forensic lab and criminology building for Dubai police.
Engineering company 'Al Hashemi Engineering Consultancy Company' (AHECC) has recently signed a new contract to build a 37,000 square meter construction for the Dubai Police.

New Airport in Dubai passes operational tests.
The new airport is called 'Al Maktoum' and has a A3880 capable runway, 64 remote stands and one cargo terminal.

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