Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Human Resources Jobs

HR Manager

HR jobs for managers vary in their degree and scope of responsibility, largely dependent upon the size of the organization in which the job is found. In smaller organizations, there may only be one HR Manager and that position will be in charge of the entire human resources department. In this case, the manager usually reports to a director or straight to an officer of the company.

HR Assistant

This job role usually falls within entry level Human Resources Jobs. Many of these positions require only a certain degree of experience rather than a formal education in HR. Assistants may work as receptionists for the HR department, in addition to performing data entry, filing and other clerical duties. Advancement to a higher paying and more prestigious position in the field usually requires returning to school, though some organizations will promote assistants to upper level positions after years of practical experience in HR.

The human resources function is one that holds many different job opportunities, especially for those who are interested in business but also enjoy the opportunity to focus more on the people part of business operations. HR jobs are twofold. They provide the support for the organization in managing different aspects of the personnel related challenges, and also are the direct link to the employees, even more so than any other manager or supervisor within the organization.