Monday, 2 August 2010

International Recruitment News.

Having a broad knowledge of the recruitment industry can also be used to impress potential clients, especially if you want to work in a human resources related role.

So what are the top recruitment stories right now? Take a look at the information below to find out.

Social Gaming will be used for graduate recruitment.
A new app by poweRBrands will be used to make potential marketers aware of their company. This innovative new application includes a virtual office where talented individuals can climb their way up the career ladder.

AVRec launches with new name.
The recruitment and payroll training provider has changed it's name to Talk Staff Recruitment.

Indian Police use football match for recruitment awareness.
The football match should make young people aware of jobs in the police force.

Your People Market implements American Recruitment Model
They have put together a new programme that gives employers the opportunity to hire high quality recruitment agencies to scout talent. Their structure uses a fair bidding system for employers.

Turkish employees working abroad starting to head home.
The global financial crisis has lead to many Turkish workers returning home.

Summer schools held in the UK aim to attract international students.
A new scheme has been put together by the High Court which will loosen regulations on visas for international students. Only individuals with a good level of English can apply.

Irish Travel website steps up it's recruitment.
The travel website will apparently create around 50 new job roles. However, most of these roles will be in the same area and will have a focus on IT and software.

UK digital companies expected to increase number of employees.
New research done by Aquent shows that two thirds of digital agencies have seen an increase in staff.

These are just a few stories from the international recruitment market, so if you need to find out more then you should do some research online. You can always get the latest stories and news if you look in the right places, Google news is certainly a good place to start. Or you could consider looking at some international recruitment websites.

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News From the Digital Industry.

If you are hoping to apply for a digital job then you need to be able to show that you are really passionate about the industry. If you walk into an interview and you are unaware of rising trends and new digital technology then it is likely that you will fail to make an impression.

On the other hand, if you can turn up and talk about an exciting new digital development that the employer is unaware of the, they will be inspired by your enthusiasm. One of the best ways to get the most recent news as it is announced is online. As soon as a digital news story breaks it will be duplicated across various online platforms which with a little intelligent searching, you should be able to access.

Take a look at some interesting stories below that have been announced in the last few days. If you want to read about them in depth you should do some further research, because these examples will only have a brief description. Have a quick read and see if any of them catch your eye:

Global social film-making programme launched.
YouTube has recently launches a film-making project which is called 'Life in a Day.' This project is sponsored by LG.

New online advert challenge by TripAdvisor.
TripAdvisor have taken an interesting approach to generate some great PR. They are launching a competition which will see travel companies competing for advertising space. The challenge is to design the best advert and the prize is a free ad campaign worth a great deal of money!

Capri Sun brand to feature in online branded theme park.
Capri Sun has teamed up with Habbo Hotel which is a social networking site for teenagers.

New iPad application launched by Reader's Digest.
This new application will be free for Reader's Digest fans and will provide access to three issues. The company has taken this fresh approach in order to try and read a wider and more varied audience.

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Engineering News From Dubai.

Even if you just want to relocate for a short period of time, there will be international engineering recruiters who can help you achieve your goal. There are various schemes that will allow you to work there for a contracted period of time.

Many employers will respect your decision to take on a new challenge and work on engineering projects abroad. It shows dedication to the subject and demonstrates your independence and desire to learn. If you do relocate to Dubai you will find that you will be working on completely new projects that you may never have got the opportunity to work on in the UK. You might even learn some unique skills that you can apply to future job roles.

Below are several news stories that help to demonstrate what it is like to work in Dubai in the Engineering sector. Each story will only have a brief overview so you will need to do some further research if you want to find out more.

High buildings still on the rise.
Syed Shamsulhaq has emphasised recently that 'Dubai is not dead. You have to be selective, but there are good projects still out there.' Shamsulhaq is currently the general manager of Al-Futtaim Engineering's elevator division.

New engineering base in Dubai opening soon.
Air India are opening a new engineering base in Dubai in a bid to facilitate the airline's service in the Gulf sector.

Dubai Government focuses on green issue.
It has been reported recently that the Dubai government is going to offer incentives to companies that apply with the 'Green Building Code.' This new project should be underway within the next two months and it should help to reduce damage to the local environment.

Dubai Municipality increases coastal monitoring scheme.
The aim is to put together a real-time coastal monitoring scheme which will hopefully contribute to the conservation of Dubai's coastal areas.
New forensic lab and criminology building for Dubai police.
Engineering company 'Al Hashemi Engineering Consultancy Company' (AHECC) has recently signed a new contract to build a 37,000 square meter construction for the Dubai Police.

New Airport in Dubai passes operational tests.
The new airport is called 'Al Maktoum' and has a A3880 capable runway, 64 remote stands and one cargo terminal.

If you search online for Engineering Recruiters Dubai and Engineering Recruitment Durban then you will find some interesting engineering opportunities.

What Hospitality Vacancies Are Available Right Now?

In order to help you with your job search, this article will include a list of some of the most recent hospitality jobs. Some of the roles might not apply to you but they are likely to give you some ideas and aid your initial research. Each job role will only have a brief description, so if you want to find out more then you should search for the job title online. Take a look at the jobs below, and you never know, you might find your dream job!

Restaurant Manager Jobs

Assistant General Manager - Tragus
This job is located in the Midlands and has a basic salary of £23k with the potential to earn more if you meet your targets. Tragus is one of the largest independent restaurant companies in the UK.

Assistant Manager - Strada
This is a great opportunity to work for a successful restaurant chain in London. This is a great location to work in which has the potential to provide some great perks. Strada is actually part of the Tragus group and their restaurants serve authentic Italian cuisine.

Restaurant Manager - Café Rouge
This job is located in Plymouth and is great for people who are looking to work somewhere a little more low key. Café Rouge sells classic French food, taking many unique dishes and flavours from Paris.

Front of House Jobs

Restaurant Receptionist - London
The company that are recruiting for this role are looking specifically for a stylish and friendly individual with two years experience in the role. The job is located at a beautiful venue in London and offers a salary of £18k.

Receptionist - Sussex
If you have a very warm and friendly personality then this could be a great opportunity for you. The job is located in West Sussex at an attractive and successful hotel. This role is full time and offers a salary of £16k.

Riverside Café Manager
This is a really exciting opportunity, because the chosen candidate will get to work in a newly transformed Royal Shakespeare Theatre on the riverside.

If you are looking for Hospitality Vacancies and have some relevant experience then you should consider applying for some Hospitality Management Jobs

Food Industry News.

New Chocolate Weetabix to be launched.
Industry experts expect this to be a winner, but what does this mean for children's health? The new Chocolate advert has been cleared by Ofcom and will be shown on children's television.

Ocado a no-go for investors.
Many people claim that the business has been overvalued and there are questions over whether it is a sustainable business.

More financial problems for Thornton's.
This well known chocolate brand is still under fire because their fourth-quarter update shows that sales are still slowing. Unfortunately this means that several people at the Thornton's head office will loose their jobs in a bid by the company to save money.

Factory in South Yorkshire may cut 200 jobs.
A Scotch egg and sandwich factory has been ruined by a fire. Most of the factory has been damaged, up to 80% in fact. This will certainly mean a holt in production and could result in many of the workers loosing their job.

Contact less payment trial going ahead.
The Co-op have decided to try a new innovative payment scheme that makes payment faster and easier. It means that customers can buy products up to £15 without even having to enter their card into a payment machine. This is certainly an interesting initiative and it will be good to see how effective it is.

First ever 'Chocolate bond' a huge success.
Hotel Chocolate have raised a grand total of £3.7 million by getting members of their chocolate tasting club to back a new form of fundraising. The real benefits of this scheme include at least 400 jobs being created and a new eco factory in St Lucia being built.

New non sticky gum could protect our pavements!
A company based in Flintshire has produced a new chewing gum that can simply be washed away with water. Food safety authorities in the US have approved the gum and they are waiting for approval from Europe.

These are only short stories with a small amount of detail. If you require more information you should visit a food industry website and search for the stories that you are interested in.

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Job Opportunities in Glasgow.

A good job board should allow you to search for jobs in Glasgow based on specific criteria. This means that you can find exactly what you are looking for and prevents you from wasting your time sifting through irrelevant jobs.

So when using a job search on a job board, what options do you have?
Some of the main things that you can narrow your search by include sector, salary band, working hours, location and contract type. The main aim of this article is to outline current job opportunities in Glasgow. Now that you know what to expect from an online job board, let's get to the jobs! Take a look at the jobs below and see if any of them catch your eye.

Process Engineer - Glasgow
This job requires candidates to have a strong process plant background. The pay ranges between £340 and £350 a day.

PR and Communications Manager - Glasgow
This is a 9-12 month fixed term contract working for STV. STV is a media brand and digital media company.

Senior Sous Chef - Glasgow
This job role is located in Glasgow and offers a salary of £28-30k. The company is looking to recruit someone who is creative and innovative and really cares about the industry.

Media Telesales Consultants - Glasgow
This is an exciting role for an experienced telesales executive. The job is with Yell and they offer a good salary of £26-£34,000.

Clinical Psychologist - Glasgow
The successful candidate will be working within the community mental health team. This job is located in Charleston Centre and offers a salary between £30k and £40k.

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Research Practitioner- Glasgow
This is a very specific job that requires someone with relevant experience and qualifications. The job is located at Western Infirmary Glasgow. This job is mainly to cover maternity leave for an initial 6 month period, but it has the potential to extend to 12 months.

Speech and Language Therapist - Glasgow
This job is based at the Clarkston Clinic and is for 37.5 hours a week. The team that you will be joining is the Speech and Language Therapy team. The salary is between £21,000 to £27,500.

There are a great range of Jobs in Glasgow but you should also consider some other Jobs in Edinburgh