Monday, 26 July 2010

Recruitment and Marketing Communications

This section of Penna’s organisation provides a very specific service for people looking to recruit. They provide tailored recruitment and marketing communications through two leading brands, Penna Barkers and TCS.

Their service provides a range of solutions. For example, some of the things you might want could be things like candidate attraction, employer reputation management and branding, social media strategy or general candidate management.

If you want to find out more information about these services then you should check out two of their websites. Search for Penna Barkers and TCS, both of which are part of the Penna group.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What is it like to work as an engineer?

There are many great engineering employment opportunities in the UK and the job can be varied and interesting. The question is, what is it like to be an engineer? Read on and you will get a taster of what it is like to work in an Engineering Employment position.

The job involves a great deal of problem solving and if you are going to be an engineer then this is an essential skill. You will be presented with various problems throughout the duration of a project and you need to be determined to solve them. For example, there might be problems with equipment, a lack of stock, staffing issues or even potentially dangerous situations. It is also a very technical position and is considered to be in the Technical Employment Sector.

Another good thing about an engineer’s job is that they often get to travel to different places. This offers the chance to work on a wide variety of interesting projects, constructions and experiments. It is safe to say that an engineer’s job is very interesting and it is a role that would suit someone who likes to be intellectually stimulated.

The synergy between marketing and sales.

Some people have a natural marketing ability and they enjoy doing everything that the job demands. It is a great role that allows experienced marketers to utilise their creativity and knowledge of the marketing arena. One of the things that marketers don’t consider very often is taking on a sales position. They can use their unique knowledge of the industry to create high quality sales materials. There are some great Marketing Sales Jobs online that will allow you to combine two exciting roles.

It is clear that a salesman also needs very specific skills. They need to have excellent communication skills and to know their product inside out. Luckily, most marketers posses both these skills and can use them to manage a successful sales team. If you work in marketing and think that you could do well in a sales role then you should see what jobs are available online. There should several jobs advertised that combine the two skills, you just need to find the perfect one for you. If you are interested in advertising then don’t worry, there are some high quality Advertising Sales Director Jobs available too.

Here is a selection of some marketing and sales roles that are available right now:

• Sales/team Manager
• Display Sales executive
• Publishing sales executive
• Mobile account manager
• Commercial development manager
• Advertising and recruitment manager
• International business development manager
• Media sales and marketing executive
• Sponsorship sales executive
• Marketing manager

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Find an Engineer in the USA

The internet contains so much information that it is sometimes hard to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are a recruiter looking for the most talented engineers, where do you find them? There are many different places to look but one of the most useful is an engineering recruitment website. The reality is that you need someone who knows the engineering industry inside out and has a selection of quality engineers at their fingertips.

You need an agency that will find the best candidates in America. They need to know about the American engineering industry and how it works. This knowledge can then be applied to the recruitment process and you will end up with the most relevant candidates. This will help you to successfully find an engineer in the USA.

There are a few things that you need to consider before you contact an engineering recruiter. One of the things that you need to bear in mind is location, where are you looking to employ people? In America, there are some places that are better suited to engineering and therefore attract the best candidates. Some of the main engineering locations in the USA are places like:

• California
• South Carolina
• Texas
• New Jersey
• Georgia
• New York
• Washington
• Kansas

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Finance Jobs in the UK

Robert Half International is a specialist financial recruitment agency. They focus on staffing solutions for the accounting and finance industry. There are four different offices to visit in the UK which each have a slightly different approach. However, they all follow the same principles, integrity, honesty and professionalism.

If you are looking for a finance job then you will find plenty of options of the Robert Half website. Here are just some of the roles you can choose from and read about:

-Banking Operator.
-Finance Manager.
-Finance Accountant Interim.
-Credit Control.
-Business Analyst.
-Purchase Ledger Clerk.
-Compliance Manager.

Robert Half also offer tailored career advice and assistance during your job search. There are some useful e-learning tools and you can also submit your CV for employers to view.

Finance specialists need to be aware of the latest business trends and Robert Half can offer this information and help professionals to achieve their career aspirations.

National Online Recruitment Audience Survey

NORAS stands for the National Online Recruitment Audience Survey. NORAS can be used by employers, agencies and job boards to maximise their investment. The challenge of online recruitment today is to target and increase applications from the right audience.

You can access NORAS for free by registering on the website. This will give you access to free results booklets, industry reports and statistics. This information can help you to drive more traffic to your site, get more from your online recruitment and easily compare the audiences of different job boards.

NORAS is the largest piece of online recruitment research in the world and has been running for 8 years. It is a piece of statistical research that over 75 job boards are involved with for 10000 buyers to make decisions on which job board to advertise with.

Check out the NORAS website for more information. It is quick and easy to sign up and you will have highly valuable online recruitment data at your fingertips.

Online Recruitment Services UK

Enhance Media specialise in Online Recruitment Services. The recruitment industry has changed dramatically over the past few years and a large amount of recruitment services have moved online. Any employer, recruitment agency or job board must utilise the internet effectively in order to save time and money in the recruitment process. By understanding how to reach candidates online you can attract relevant and talented individuals.

The main online recruitment services that Enhance Media provide include research, training, advertising and strategy. Enhance Media believe that a research-led approach to online recruitment is vital and it can help you deliver proven recruitment research techniques. Many businesses make the mistake of throwing money towards new and exciting channels without conducting any detailed research.

Enhance Media also offer online recruitment SEO and Social Media services. If you want to establish an effective online presence and communicate with key candidate groups then Enhance Media provide you with a tailored strategy.

Jobs in the Food Sector

If you are looking for jobs in the Food Sector then you should take a look at the Foodman Jobs website. You can find all the resources you need to find your dream food industry job in one place. There are lots of high quality roles to choose from. You can use their job search function to find the jobs you are specifically interested in.

Each major job area in the food industry is broken down and you can learn about the specific skills required for each field. You can get some real inside knowledge from people who work in the food industry and discover useful CV and cover letter tips.

If you do visit the website, you will get to choose from jobs related to development, engineering, logistics, operations, packaging, planning, production,
Quality and hygiene, sales and marketing and supply chain.

Foodman are part of William Reed Business Media.

Life Science Recruitment Agency

If you are looking for Life Science Jobs then you need to contact a specialist Life Science Recruitment Agency. Hobson Prior is a staffing solutions business focused on the European Life Sciences industry. They have won awards for their first class business focused recruitment solutions.

The jobs that they recruit for and specialise in include specialists involved in drug discovery, clinical development specialists, post approval specialists and mid to upper level medical, clinical and regulatory specialists.

Hobson Prior was formed in 2002 to provide a wide ranging international resource for life science businesses. During this time they have built up a strong knowledge of the industry as well as a library of powerful industry contacts. They also put a strong emphasis on legal and ethical restrictions that govern the life science industry.

They provide useful services for candidates and employers on their website and in person. Candidates can register their CV online and apply for jobs through the selective search function.

Hospitality Jobs in the UK

There are a lots of great hospitality jobs available throughout the UK and Big Hospitality can help you find them. Big Hospitality provides both jobs and news about lots of different job roles. Some of the job roles that they advertise are things like Hotel Manager Jobs, Restaurant Jobs, Chef Jobs and Bar Jobs.

The hospitality industry provides jobs for people who have different levels of experience. There are plenty of entry level roles and if you read the Big Hospitality careers section you can find out how to climb the careers ladder.

Big Hospitality is part of the successful UK food and drink industry business publisher William Reed. William Reed Business Media are the leading supplier of data to the FMCG sector.

If you look on the Big Hospitality website right now, you will find a large amount of opportunities in hospitality management, Chef roles, and restaurant management.

FMCG Jobs in the UK

If you are looking for FMCG Jobs in the UK then you will find the best jobs through Grocer, the FMCG recruitment specialists.

Grocer Jobs in part of the William Reed Business Media family. William Reed is Britain’s leading business publisher for the food and drink industry. Grocer jobs has a magazine and a specialist jobs website. Some of the areas within the FMCG industry that they focus on include sales, retail, marketing, manufacturing and food production.

Despite the recession, the food industry still seems to be doing well and there are some great job opportunities. Grocer now have a brilliant new careers advice section which provides help analysing job adverts, provides tips from employers and offers CV and Cover letter advice that is tailored to the food industry.
This section of their website includes case studies for different roles within the industry. This means you can get a good overview of what it is like to work in a range of FMCG related jobs.

Media Recruitment Agency London

Formula Won are a specialist Media Recruitment Agency based in London. They recruit talented individuals and place them into a series of exciting media roles. Formula Won was set up in 2000 and has always had a focus on both traditional and new media recruitment.

They are market leaders for a range of new media sales jobs. Some of the areas in this sector that they recruit for include exhibitions, events, sales, new media, conferences, publishing, broadcast, marketing and advertising. Despite having a section of their company that recruits for media sales jobs in Dubai, most of the jobs they advertise are located in London.

Due to the fact that they have established a strong presence within their sector they have been able to build a strong network of media contacts. This gives them the ability to place candidates in their dream job. Formula Won aims to make the job searching process really simple and easy. They have a search facility on their website that enables candidates to search for really relevant jobs.

Career Transition Services London

Penna are a specialist employment resource company who specialise in career transition services. They have a main office in London and consequently they provide career transition services in the London area.

It is important for an organisation to improve their performance, and they can do this through their people. The recruitment process is important, but so is the whole employment lifecycle. Consistant and high quality training needs to be implemented in order to get the best out of staff.

They believe that people are a very important part of any organisation and they need to be sourced correctly and given a high quality development structure. Penna don’t just come into your company and take over, they work with you to develop innovative solutions and will take the time to listen to your needs.

The overall goal is to achieve increased organisational performance. This can be done by training people properly and looking at the organisation as a whole. If everyone is working towards a shared goal then brilliant things can be achieved.

Some of the main services that Penna provide includes things like recruitment communications, executive recruitment, executive coaching, consulting solutions, management coaching and outplacement.

Digital Jobs in the UK

Major Players specialise in recruitment for Digital Jobs in the UK. They are marketing leaders in the Digital Jobs arena and have been for over 15 years.
They have been so successful because of their passion for the digital industry and honest, ethical recruitment techniques.

They stick by the firm belief that when you are planning your career and finding your job you go through an exciting and sometimes challenging journey. It certainly helps to be able to get specialist advice along the way and Major Players aim to do this.
They also understand the needs of digital agencies and recognise that it takes specialist services to build a creative company and recruit talented individuals.

Major Players have extensive knowledge that is very specialised and focused around the digital sector. The range of jobs that they recruit for include advertising jobs, design jobs, digital jobs, PR jobs, sponsorship jobs, research jobs and technical jobs.

International Technical Recruitment Agency

If you are looking for an International Technical Recruitment Agency then you should contact TRS. TRS Staffing solutions are a specialist engineering recruitment company. They recruit for engineering companies around the world and place high quality candidates exciting roles in a range of different countries.

TRS was established about 25 years ago and consequently they have an extensive knowledge of the engineering industry. They recruit for a few different roles within the engineering sector such as designers, project managers and technical specialists.
It is not surprising that TRS have 17 offices across the globe because they are such a successful and highly specialised company. Their main aim is to end the recruitment process successfully by placing the right candidate in the right role.

TRS has the ability to offer a range of useful services to both employers and candidates. You can utilise their services by visiting one of their international offices or browsing their website online.

TRS have some brilliant clients on board who are leading engineering companies. They use their international industry knowledge to provide first class engineering recruitment solutions.

Jobs in Scotland

STV Jobs is one of the best online resources for finding Jobs in Scotland. STV Jobs is part of Scottish TV and has been put into place to provide the resources for Scottish job seekers to demonstrate their skills and reach employers throughout Scotland. STV Jobs covers some of the top locations for Jobs in Scotland such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen. So you will be able to find the most relevant job for you, in the location you wish to work in.

STV Jobs also provide the opportunity to apply to a wide range of different Scottish Jobs. This is because their website covers several different industries and sectors. Some of the main employment sectors that they cover include customer services, hospitality, engineering, sales, accountancy and finance.

One of the reasons why STV Jobs is so useful if you are looking for Jobs in Scotland is because they have so many useful tools. They have services for both candidates and recruiters such as email campaigns, careers advice, CV creator facilities, recruiter micro-sites and premium job postings.