Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What is Executive Recruitment?

There are many talented individuals out there that companies are constantly trying to get on board. It is hard for businesses to source highly skilled and experienced candidates. Executive Recruitment is the process of looking for people to take on senior executive roles. These people are highly sought after and quite difficult to source.

Most executive recruitment agencies will have lots of recruitment consultants who specialise in different sectors. This enables them to use specific industry knowledge and contacts to find the best candidates. For example, there might be a recruitment consultant who knows the advertising industry inside out and have the ability to cherry pick the best candidates.

Once they have located a good candidate there is a specific procedure that needs to be followed. They will attempt to make contact with the candidate and present them with the opportunity to meet and talk about a great job role. They will then meet the candidate and brief them extensively before presenting them to employers.

Due to the fact that executive level candidates will usually secure a large salary, this is a big business for recruitment consultants. If they successfully place a candidate they can earn a substantial sum of money. If this is a service that might be useful for your company then you should search online for Executive Interim UK.

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