Thursday, 22 July 2010

The synergy between marketing and sales.

Some people have a natural marketing ability and they enjoy doing everything that the job demands. It is a great role that allows experienced marketers to utilise their creativity and knowledge of the marketing arena. One of the things that marketers don’t consider very often is taking on a sales position. They can use their unique knowledge of the industry to create high quality sales materials. There are some great Marketing Sales Jobs online that will allow you to combine two exciting roles.

It is clear that a salesman also needs very specific skills. They need to have excellent communication skills and to know their product inside out. Luckily, most marketers posses both these skills and can use them to manage a successful sales team. If you work in marketing and think that you could do well in a sales role then you should see what jobs are available online. There should several jobs advertised that combine the two skills, you just need to find the perfect one for you. If you are interested in advertising then don’t worry, there are some high quality Advertising Sales Director Jobs available too.

Here is a selection of some marketing and sales roles that are available right now:

• Sales/team Manager
• Display Sales executive
• Publishing sales executive
• Mobile account manager
• Commercial development manager
• Advertising and recruitment manager
• International business development manager
• Media sales and marketing executive
• Sponsorship sales executive
• Marketing manager

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