Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Career Transition Services London

Penna are a specialist employment resource company who specialise in career transition services. They have a main office in London and consequently they provide career transition services in the London area.

It is important for an organisation to improve their performance, and they can do this through their people. The recruitment process is important, but so is the whole employment lifecycle. Consistant and high quality training needs to be implemented in order to get the best out of staff.

They believe that people are a very important part of any organisation and they need to be sourced correctly and given a high quality development structure. Penna don’t just come into your company and take over, they work with you to develop innovative solutions and will take the time to listen to your needs.

The overall goal is to achieve increased organisational performance. This can be done by training people properly and looking at the organisation as a whole. If everyone is working towards a shared goal then brilliant things can be achieved.

Some of the main services that Penna provide includes things like recruitment communications, executive recruitment, executive coaching, consulting solutions, management coaching and outplacement.

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